About Anton’s Dumplings

Anton’s Dumplings is a homage to Russian cuisine create by a group of Russian-Americans who want to share their love for pelmeni with everyone. In late 2015, Anton decided that dumplings were a delicious Russian staple food that anyone across the world could appreciate and he put a cart on the street to prove it. While the dumplings themselves are made by strict guidelines that truly make them Russian, our finished dumplings give the customer a choice of toppings that is far from traditional. Soy sauce, sriracha, smoked Gouda fondue? We’ve obviously taken a few steps forward from the boiled dumplings we ate as kids.

Anton’s dumplings is about bringing you delicious food that can be customized by you. With new menu items always in the works, you will always be surprised by what nifty dishes we have come up with. On top of it all, Anton’s Dumplings carts come with the fun party atmosphere and cooks that have a blast making your order. We love to see happy faces  when they try delicious food coming from our cart. We also love to see your pictures of us on Instagram. Follow and tag us using @antonsdumplings on Instagram/Twitter and like us on Facebook.

На Здоровье!